Sweet Hubby

When my husband and I started dating.. romantic and sweet weren't really the words you'd use to describe him. Don't get me wrong.. he was an amazing guy.. but there was no sweet things done for me. He was never understanding of my anxiety..but thay was okay with me.. cause I don't even understand it half the time. We got married 4 months ago..and everything changed. he's a completely new man. (we had dated 4 1/2 years). I've been struggling with emotions lately from my birth control and he couldn't be anymore understanding. the other night I couldn't get wet for anything..I tried. we used lube..I dried up the lube.. I started to cry and he got off me and laid down beside me and held me and reassured me it wasn't my fault and it's okay. he rubbed my stomach, legs, hair. he was the sweetest. Anytime something emotional happens he's like a fairytale of how it should be handled. Hes sat in the bathroom floor with me and let me cry to him and helped me feel better. I just wanted to share something positive about my hubby because it seems there's more bad on here than good about everyone spouse. Oh, and we've decided I'm getting off birth control.. today was my first official dayboff! woo-hoo