Heparin shots while pregnant


So I have factor five Leiden(a blood clotting disorder), thankfully only heterozygous but it still has the potential to cause issues in pregnancy. I’ve already had a miscarriage and they believe it was because I didn’t know I had it at the time so I wasn’t taking any aspirin or anything. I’m now 11 weeks pregnant and my doctor has me on heparin shots (it’s a blood thinner) daily. Is there anyone else on here who had to take a shot in the stomach daily? I’m really struggling with it. Thankfully my fiancé is absolutely amazing and injects me and is so sweet when I start to panic. I’ve only had three shots so far but I have had a full blown panic attack every time. To the point my mother in law had to come hold my hand because I was crying and tensing up so bad. Ugh if anyone has some advice as to how to stay calm during this that would be awesome!!!