34 weeks pregnant and nesting by myself

Charlise • 💕December 30, 2017💕

So I’m 34 weeks pregnant and have been nesting like crazy.

I was living with my sister and now my fiancé and I are taking over the apartment so basically we’re moving all our stuff into the master bedroom and her stuff into the second bedroom, but all of her other things are in the house still which I don’t mind. But I want to make room for the baby.

I’ve cleaned the bathroom and kitchen deeply by myself, including getting on the floor and wiping down the borders etc. now I’m working on the living room, I had to move a 3x3 cube shelf into her room from the living room which wasn’t hard because it kinda glided on the carpet but what do you guys think? Am I straining myself too much? Should I just chill out?

I feel like I’m running out of time and I need to get a ton of stuff down. All of the baby shower gifts are still in the living room, I need to put everything in its place.

Is it bad to be doing all of this on my own?

Everyone keeps bitching at me that I need to chill out because I’m pregnant but not one person has offered to help me with any of this.