Getting laid off


So, yesterday my boss told me she’s closing the bakery due to lack of sales and is just going to be on her own starting next year and won’t be able to have any employees. She literally only told me because one of our dishwashers left last week and had said she’d maybe gotten a replacement for him, so I brought it up and NOPE, she’s letting me go in a month. I literally thought she was joking at first. She like wasn’t even gong to tell me and when she did, she didn’t even seem sorry. Like what the fuck?! Who does that? Like I started crying and she just apologized and made me some tea, but it didn’t seem very sincere and she was like oh you’ll be fine, like what the actual fuck! I have a month to get a new job and you’re telling me I’m going to be fine! That’s all she had to say! I just can’t deal right now. I literally didn’t even want to go to work today and just wanted to cry while I was there. Like I have finals to worry about and now I have this to fucking deal with on top of it. Idk what I really wanted to ask. I’m just upset and shocked and needed to vent.