Brag moment! 😍😍😍 I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH

Christine β€’ Life Isn't about Waiting For the storm To pass, It's about Learning To dance In the Rain

Sorry I don’t mean to brag but I just have to! I love my boyfriend sooo much and I’ve posted about him in the past and all of you have been so nice! He so sweet and he tells me that he loves me and the other day he called me beautiful and he holds my hand and puts his arm around me and gives me hugs all the time and even tho he can be VERY stupid I still love him! I know he cares about me cause the other day I was upset and he totally noticed that I was upset and thats how I know he actually cares about me and I just love him so much!! All of my friends are so mean to him cause they don’t think he’s cute and I’m just like HE IS AMAZING!! I think he is handsome and I LOVE his curls and he is just so amazing! He doesn’t pressure anything on me or say mean things to me or anything and the last time we fought is was about cars and how I said there was a doge ford cause I’m stupid and he was telling me I was wrong and I was saying I wasn’t and it was literally stupid I was laughing during it.... I’m so happy with him! I mean we’re really young like 7th grade young but I see a future with this boy


Sorry there is sooo many pictures and thanks for listening to my brag moment!!!