This is my baby Bentley! I've been TTC for 5 years and have had no luck. He's been my baby since before TTC. He got very sick back in January, and we almost lost him. Tonight he started acting like he did back in January... I called the vet, and she said to bring him in first thing in the morning. Please pray for my sweet baby boy!!! I've raised him since he was 3 weeks old... I can't loose him! 💔 He's my whole world... I can't go on without him... 😭

UPDATE: First, Bentley and I thank each and every person who took the time to pray and send positive thoughts and vibes our direction, and we want you all to know we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts! ❤️ This morning when we woke up Bentley acted like he was feeling a little better. He wasn't acting like he was last night and back in January. Thank God! I just took Bentley to the vet, and she felt around on his back, and she thinks the same thing my mom and I think, that it's probably his back again. He had a bout with back last year. They gave him Meloxicam. That's worked great so far. Anyhow, she gave him a shot of cortisone, and said she would keep him overnight to see if he got better, and she said if he didn't get any better she would take another X-ray to see if anything has changed from the last one he had. When I left Benny with her he looked back at me like, "Mommy, please don't leave me!" He was crying! 😭 It kills me to have to leave him there, but I know she'll do everything she can to help my sweet boy! 💔❤️ Please continue to pray for him and his speedy recovery!!

UPDATE: I called the vet to check on Bentley, and she said that he's still not eating much, and he's still acting stiff. So she said she would take an X-ray tomorrow and let me know from there. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers! ❤️

UPDATE: The vet said that the X-ray looked the same as the last one. There's been no change to his spine. I asked her if there was anything more we could do for him (other than give him Meloxicam, which is what we have already been doing) She said that's about all we can do for now. As he ages he may or may not have to have back surgery. But I said all that to say this, BENTLEY GOT TO COME HOME THIS MORNING!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We are beyond happy to have our baby back! Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers!!