opinions please


Ok, my family (husband and kids) were invited around to our friends (married couple with kids) place for lunch today. They have the husband's mother staying with them, the wife doesn't really like her. Anyway, I get a message from my husband at about 8.30am today saying that the husband had to take his mother to a doctor due to high blood pressure, urgent but not critical. so lunch is cancelled. That's no problem I think, even though I just made 3 different desserts for lunch to take around. My problem is that my friend hasn't even bothered to send me a message, not one single one all day. Its now 2pm, I know she's at home with the kids because she didn't go with her husband and mother inlaw. I will send her a message later, but I can't help feeling hurt that she hasn't sent anything at all, like not even a 'I'm sorry we can't do lunch today because.......' I mean, it was her that invited me and I just feel its totally rude to just send nothing. Is it rude? Or am I being stupid and petty. Oh and I know there is nothing wrong with mother inlaw, she's fine. If it was me I would have sent a message saying asap lunch was off.