God is good


I just felt it in my spirit to share my testimony and to gives thanks to the Lord above. I decided I eventually wanted to try for another baby so I stopped the depo. I remember with my youngest when I stopped by accident I became pregnant instantly. this time... I was not so lucky. I hadn't had a period in almost 4 years and docs said it would take over a year so I tried to mentally prepare myself. After months of no birth control and no period still, I started to get impatient. when I got my first period I felt like it was a start to a success story. But then my period wouldn't come for months and I started to be sad again. I Tried every natural way I could think of to get my body back to normal, until I realized there are some things in life I can not control and I had to mentally prepare myself that I may never get pregnant again. Until I prayed and keep the faith and stayed humble and Lord and behold we are expecting another beautiful baby. God is so good and I am so blessed.