C section was horrible .


My little guy Mason is 16 days old and the love of our lives , but getting him here was a struggle .

I had a normal pregnancy, didn’t have any complications thankfully . I was due October 25th, the day came and gone . I was not dilated at all. My doctor decided to induce me at 41 weeks so on Nov 1st we went to the hospital to have the cervadil ( I believe it’s called ) inserted . We waited at the hospital for two hours and then were sent home with it still in . That night I believe it was at 5:00 pm my water broke !! Yay ! It was a terrible snow storm and the roads were brutal ( I live in Canada ) so the hubby and I started to make our slow journey to the hospital. I was trying to calm him down and he was panicking lol ( first time parents ). We finally got there and they got us to our room right away and gowned me up . It took about 6 poles and a lot of bruising to finally get an IV in me. My mom arrived and we waited ! They started the pitocin and then my contractions got real . Holllllly did they ever hurt , not what I expected. I finally got the epidural ( the anesthesia guy was a real treat but I didn’t care I just needed the meds lol) it was amazing , night and day. I was in labour for about 15 hours when my sons heart rate suddenly dropped dangerously low, they decided to go ahead and do a c section. We were wheeled away so quick and once in the OR it was like out if a movie . White lights everywhere , I had a million people talking to me , taping me, strapping my arms down. Before I knew it my husband was sitting beside me and they were starting . I feel like I could feel everything . I could feel her snapping my muscles , cutting, the amount of pressure was tremendous, they were lifting me off of the table. Clearly the look on my face had my husband worried so he told the anesthesia lady to give me something to calm down , she did and it somewhat put me to sleep. I heard the surgeon say cord is around the neck ! And then nothing . Worst moment of my life . Then I heard the slightest cry and I started balling. My husband walked over and cut the cord and he was able to do skin to skin which I’m so happy about. Our baby is beautiful. I don’t feel like a failure , this was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life . I got him here safe and sound.