My boyfriend is 17 and I’m 15 is that weird?


Me and my boyfriend only met in August and I know it sounds stupid to most but I already am so much in love with him and I’m not the type of person

To get attached or open up to ANYONE but we’re just so perfect for eachother I would die without him But I’m a freshman and he’s a senior some people say it’s weird and his family is super hard on him about it but he says he doesn’t care what anyone says cause he loves me too much to let anything ruin it. Never thought I would find someone like that he really is my best friend. Btw I’m probably the most difficult person ever to deal with and I AM NOT a push over I’ve been in an abusive relationship before and never again lol I swore to myself I would never let a guy treat me wrongly again and I was a completely different person and honestly this boy treats me like a queen.

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