Making it to 37/38 weeks?


I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant with di/di Twins. I’m a teacher and it was brought to my attention that if I don’t have enough sick days to take me to end of school year the year may not count towards my professional status (not what I need advice on). I’m worried because I really want to make it to May with my babies. It minimizea chance of having to go back to work before Summer, or if I do it’s only for one week.

But whenever I tell anyone it’s twins like say “you will go early”, “you may get put in bed rest”. I got to the point where I said “DO NOT USE THE WORDS BED REST AROUND ME” to many people.

I want these babies to stay safe inside for as long as possible.

May 1 was my goal. That would be 37w 4d. I thought this was doable. But no one seems to think I’ll make it.

Then at my 13w ultrasound babies were measuring ahead.

Is it plausible to make it to 37/38 weeks with these babies? Does anyone have any advice to keep them in longer? What should I be looking for to signify I’m going early? I asked my dr when I should be ready and he said my c-section would be scheduled for 38 weeks.

Sorry it’s long but I’m stressed because people are nosey, judgey and think they are always right.