Are you ever just irritated?

I️ woke up this morning and instantly felt irritated. Just want to be alone. I️ come up stairs to my fiancé making breakfast with his kids and it’s loud so I’m more annoyed at this point. I’m sick as well so everyone being loud just kills my mood. We eat and the dishes are piled up in the sink. Usually I’ll wash the dishes if my fiancé cooks for us but today I’ve had enough of this shit. Every single time I️ COOK nobody washes the dishes for me. It’s never happened. I️ wash all the dishes I️ used and nobody helps me pick up. But today I️ picked up the kitchen afterwards and didn’t wash the dishes thinking maybe one fo the kids or himself would and nope, they are still there. I’m so fed up. I’m irritated today and I️ feel sorry for my fiancé who has done nothing but at the same time I’m just so tired of feeling like I️ always do everything on my own.