HELP. OPK positive test

Gemma • 38 years old with a 44 year old SO. Baby boy #1 born December 2016. Baby girl #2 born July 2018. Started journey for baby #3 November 2023!

Ladies, I need help, please! I have an 11 month little boy and my partner and I aren’t very sexually active so haven’t been using contraception. Before getting pregnant, I had short cycles (23-27 days) and would ovulate around day 10-12. Since stopping breast feeding in August I’ve had 3 periods and they have been around 26 days so I assumed I’d be ovulating around the same time. We had sex twice on day 14 and I just have “a feeling”. I rummaged through my draw and only have an OPK. I know they aren’t the same as pregnancy tests and look for a different hormone but they can’t tell the difference between the hormones. Therefore, a positive OPK can signal pregnancy. Anyone had experience with this? X