Would you be mad??


My husband works and I’m a SAHM. He makes decent enough money, but we live in an expensive area so cost of living is high. We recently had $2500 worth of unexpected medical expenses for our pets, so we decided to buy pet insurance which is $175 now per month. On top of that it’s holiday season which means we will be spending more anyways. If that wasn’t enough to add to financial stress, I’m newly pregnant with our second child...and kids are expensive.

Well without consulting me he decides to go out and buy a $400 drone. He then said he didn’t understand why I was upset. And I said he should have discussed it with me first. His response was “you didn’t talk to me about that ugly ass tattoo you got on your hand”.

So apparently him not liking my tattoo is a reason to spend our money without talking to me first?? Would you be upset??

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