i dont know what to do anymore

sorry... this is long. :'( i feel like im the only one doing everything in this relationship. yes he does cook n clean occassionally. but hes not encouraging or helping with our son for potty training. im the one that cleans both their rooms everyday. i do all the laundry. i clean both bathrooms and i scrub the floor by hand most days because there will be a mess and he wont clean it up. he will just walk around it. or step in it n track it around the house. i work 5 to 6 days a week. usually 8-12hr evening shifts. he works 5 day shifts a week. 7 hrs. he usually comes home to make lunch n leaves everything on the counter for me to get later. i drop our boy off at daycare, clean, do laundry and pack a lunch n head to work. he picks up our lil one at 5pm. goes home n crashes on the couch. if he doesnt pick up dinner from town then he will cook enough for just the two of them. i come home round 10. i bathe my son n put him to bed bc his dad is half asleep on the couch or is in bed. i then clean and take care of the cats needs. but apparently according to my husband we have to get rid of the cats because they are making a mess. no.... the cats arent the problem and our son loves them n so do i. our son is the one that makes a mess everywhere in the evening amd his dad is the one that doesnt clean it up. and when he does give our son a bath he usually doesnt put i diaper on him and will just throw him on the couch with a blanket. which he usually falls asleep and pees all over the couch. i just dont know what to do anymore. ive talked to him about this multiple times and he just wants to blame the cats. do you guys have any suggestions as to what could help?!