LAST UPDATE : Everyone thinks I’m pregnant.

All the pregnancy tests I’ve taken show up negative but everyone is convinced I’m pregnant.

The last time I had sex with my SO was in September. He deployed shortly after.

I had a “period” in October and September. The reason they’re in quotes is because they were super super light. I’m talking only needed to use a thin panty liner. And it only lasted 3 days each time. I missed my November period completely.

I’m ridiculously tired all the time.

Constantly have a bloated feeling.

I’ve grained 5 pounds and can’t seem to lose them no matter what I do.

I’m peeing more often.

I’ve been getting nauseous over overwhelming smells.

I’ve been constipated and this has never in my life been an issue for me.

I get dizzy spells.

I’m extremely sensitive and cry easily.

Is it even possible?


I just compared pictures from earlier this year and now.

Update 2: 11/27

The earliest appointment the doctor had was for December 7th. So I’ll be getting some type of news just 2 days before my birthday.

Update 3: 11/29

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m pregnant. I was feeling crampy like I do during ovulation so I used an ovulation stick and it was a blazin’ positive 😞

Update 4:

Not pregnant! In a way we’re relieved because we wanna experience our first pregnancy together. But everything is okay. The stress of the deployment on top of lack of sleep and dehydration messed me up a bit. But everything’s looking good to ttc baby #1 when he gets home!