How I *finally* got pregnant with PCOS


This was my fourteenth cycle trying, but my first cycle using supplements. So hopefully it works for someone else! My doctor told me last month with my current hormones and cystic ovaries I probably wouldn't be able to get pregnant so she would prescribe any fertility medication (besides Metformin) I recently lost 50 pounds.

I've been taking an extra 800 calcium, 5600 of Folic Acid, and a prenatal everyday.

CD 2-12 Black Cohosh (took the brand sold at Walmart) Dosage is on the back.

CD 3-7 Soy Isoflavones (same Walmart kind) 120 mg a day!

2000 mg Metformin a day

(Lots and lots of pills)

Confirmed Ovulation with an OPK CD 19, felt implantation cramps 9 DPO, positive today at 12 DPO. Hoping for a sticky bean! ❤️

Used preseed when bding

2 DPO Emerita progesterone packets 2X a day! Totaling 40 mg.

I like the packets because I can keep some in my purse for when I'm not home. You have to take progesterone at the same time everyday or you risk miscarrying.

I also ate an extra amount of sweet potatoes before and during Ovulation and drank an excessive amount of water.

Baby Dust to you all!!