Stressed and depressed


My husband and I know we have to go thru the artificial insemination, my husband was diagnosed with cancer when he was 16 and before he took chemo they gave him the option to donate sperm so of course he donated. And with me I have always suffered we is really heavy periods and some Times it doesn't come at all I can go to three months without having one and that scares me because I feel like somethings wrong with me. But one the bright side my husbands been cancer free for 6 years , praise God! I've heard so many stories about how the artificial insemination doesn't work and I'm so nervous and stressed and depressed because I feel like it will never be my turn to be a mom. And it really sucks so if anybody could give me any advice or what to expect it would be very very appreciated.also if anybody has went through it could you please just tell me what I need to expect because I have no idea what we're getting our sales in today thanks and God bless!