Legoland Westchester- HORRIBLE!

Warning to all NY moms- do NOT go to Legoland Discovery Center Westchester.

We just went. First off all, tickets are ridiculously priced (even before you get inside and see what a disgustingly underwhelming attraction it is).

When you get inside, there was no attendant at the photo op, so we got no photo.

Then, the “factory tour” room was a total mess. We went a few years back- there was a guy being some kind of zany scientist, it was at least amusing.

This time, no scientist, and literally everything in the room was broken.

There was no line for the ride , but the mini LEGO land was filthy- disgusting crap like paperclips and tissue in the water. Smudges on the class far too high for kids to reach... greasy forehead prints. Ick.

FORGET the main play area. It was a WRECK. Legos all over the ground, kids running rampant (I know it’s a kids attraction , but you would think both parents and workers would say SOMETHING).

The area to build a car had barely any parts, we found two wheels and somehow they weren’t even the same size. Then to try and test our car, too many kids fighting on the ramps.

The old play place is gone , replaced with a Ninja theme one and it’s already a wreck, stickers peeling off, broken bits,& what looked like vomit on the ground at one point.

The 4D film was grainy and blurry,& my son slipped on the water on the floor.

The only thing he truly had any fun doing was the building class. It’s taught by a young guy and my son thought he was great because he mentioned Star Wars lol.

Now, a few days later and my son is hacking his brains out. That’s another thing- there is NO hand sanitizer in ANY of the dispensers.

Whatever , we bring our own... but that means no one else is using it either.

So my kid is sick as hell and I know that this filthy place is to blame.

Please do not go! And worse- they filter their reviews on Yelp! Any of the low star reviews are marked as spam and none of them are using swears, etc. Just look at the non recommended reviews and see for yourself.

And don’t expect a refund. They don’t give them.