Pre labor yesterday...


So I had a period of pre labor yesterday also known as early labor that lasted for a few hours. Fourth baby so I know the difference. Now I have to relax all weekend and Monday until my appointment Tuesday and then put together a pre term birth plan with my dr just in case. Also have to go in if it happens again.

31 weeks tomorrow. The drs have been saying she will be here early but never said exactly why. My son was two weeks early so I am assuming that’s why. Never experienced pre labor this early. It’s possible she flipped from sunny side up to her birth position and highly aggravated my uterus but we will know more Tuesday. I wasn’t able to go in because I had all three of my boys and everyone was working. Once my husband got home he helped me move from the couch to the bed and put my feet up on pillows and an ice pack on my back and my body stayed pretty much locked up the rest of the night. I was and am still, really exhausted. I was pretty sure I woke up to this the other night but was unsure so suffered through and woke up to my back wrecked and exhausted so my dr said I probably had it then too since I have been so horribly exhausted lately because everyone is sick and hubby is working 6 days a week plus overtime because of his job being down from a tornado ripping through the building a couple weeks ago.

Six more weeks at least is all I am asking for at this point. Seven if possible.... ugh. So glad she is the last!