Extreme Jealousy. Help!

Okay, so to begin with I'm 19, I had my first boyfriend when I was 16. It was my first love. He mistreated me so badly by controlling me. He mentally and physically abused me. I couldn't talk to a guy, look at a guy, nothing even guy family members. That was the only love I knew. He cheated on me so many times. I am so insecure. I finally met a man, who I fell in love with since then because I didn't want a relationship, but now It just kind of happened. I'm so insecure and really jealous and don't know why. part of me thinks it's because the relationship I'd been in. I'm now not wanting him to have girl friends, or talk to girls or if I see him stare at a girl it makes me so jealous. I feel like every female that isn't his family is a threat. I know my behavior isn't okay but for some reason I can't control it. I really need some advixe or help and dont know where to start. Anyone else extreamly jealous and got over it? How? Im so scared hes going to leage but he says he dont mind my jealousy and actually likes it because he says i care, but i just dont want to have to feel angry and jealous anytime something happens accidently.