Are They Really My Friend?


So some of my friends like to hang out together with out me. Like they have a group snap together and go to parties and hang out and all that, and they don’t let me come.

Like I totally get that we don’t have to spend every waking moment together it’s just the way they do it that bugs me.

Like the other day one of them texts me and asks if she can still come over to my house for the Ohio State Michigan game (Go Bucks!) And I had to tell her no because my family gets a little crazy during it. She took it really well and said that she might have some people come over to her house, either the kids in my grade, or the “share the food group” (the people I’m not with) and I said that I didn’t know what she should do and she goes okay. Well then I never hear back from her, and I see on her snap story that she’s with the share your food kids.

Like isn’t it a little rude that she would tell me that she’s having people over, when we were originally supposed to hang out, and then not invite me? Or am I totally overreacting?

Oh and then another one of the girls there snaps me and doesn’t mention where she is. So I get a little angry, and start doing that whole one word answer thing. So she asks if I’m okay so I say fine and then she just sends a selfie with no other words.

Like idk why but that bugged me.

Idk why the whole thing bugs me. Let me know what you guys think!!