He’s leaving for college again and I’m sad.


My boyfriend is leaving for college and we broke up over summer because we were both in a bad place and needed space but we talked it out and I finally got to see him and we spent as much time as we could together and he made me feel so special and wonderful and I’m genuinely happy with him but I’m just really sad that he has to leave and I know I’m being selfish but I can’t help it. He’s so important to me and I love him so so so much. He’s my heart and I just want to be able to see him as much as possible but I sadly can’t because he’s going to Mississippi. I’m so proud that he’s furthering his education like me but I just wish he didn’t have to go 10 hours away and I only get to see him during break. He comes home in 2 weeks but I don’t want to see him leave. I guess I’m being a child but I will get over it and get used to it. Here’s some cute pictures of us that I cherish so much.