Gaining weight


So somewhat recently I’ve started to lose weight and you can notice it because people have pointed out, how skinny I’ve gotten. Well to me I don’t want to be THIS skinny.. like in the shower I can really notice my hip bones, my spine pokes out more, my elbows show pretty bad, my arms, and my shin bone in my legs shows bad and I hate the fact that they’re showing. So I’ve been going through a personal family crisis and I feel like me losing a lot of weight and becoming so skinny if from not being on a normal eating schedule. Like I usually never eat breakfast on week days due to school and being up so early, and lunch I do eat, but it’s always dinner that is the struggle. I never know what we’re going to eat.. if it’ll be good to where I’ll wanna eat it and finish it or even what time I’ll be eating. So can someone please help me out and tell me if maybe I should see a doctor (Could that help? I don’t know), What foods will help me gain more weight, how to cope with a newer better eating schedule, any things I can purchase that help with specifically gaining weight (I’ve heard ensure drinks help.. again I don’t know) or anything.