Am i pregnant??

i’ve been pregnant before about a year back and my boobs were sore, i had major headaches every morning, had morning sickness, and was eating very different and all the time! I’ve had a strange feeling in my body because i’ve had what it looks like to be spotting like pinkish/brown about a week to 2 weeks ago after my period ended which started on November 1st, today i’ve spotted bright pink and it last a few hours.. i’ve never spot after a period before! I’ve been cramping, spotting, eating differently and have had headaches as soon as i wake up... my period is due in a few days but i’ve been going crazy for a good week or 2 not knowing what’s going on, i took a test about 2 weeks ago and it was negative.. i’ve not tested again because i don’t know that right time to take one! SOS