"gender reveal"


So my husband and I are pregnant with #3. We've had a little boy and a little girl so far. However my husband was in the Navy so both our babies were born away from family and I feel like I never got to celebrate our pregnancies with our families. So this time around I want to have a party just to celebrate the baby and finally being home with everyone. Here's where it gets kinda interesting... our families have been really into gender reveals with all our nieces and nephews so we were thinking about doing that too buuut we aren't finding out the gender this time. We have talked about doing the reveal and everything just being yellow and saying baby not boy or girl. What I'm wondering is what do all of you think of this? Does it seem mean to get

everyone excited and then not actually tell them? How would you feel? I think there might be a few people that are upset but then laugh about it afterwards. IDK how I feel but I really want to get everyone together and I feel like this could be a fun way to do it.