Milk supply sos!


I’ve been feeding my baby (8.5 months now) exclusively breastmilk since day one. Now she eats three meals a day, with one snack. She eats a pretty wide variety of food, basically whatever we eat. Last week I had a bad clogged duct/mastitis and ever since then my milk supply has just plummeted! I pump twice at work and use to get between 13 and 16 ounces a day, and now I’m only getting 9-10!! My baby drinks three 4oz bottles while I’m at work so right now I’m not making enough for her. I’m trying not panic, I really do not want to introduce any formula, but I don’t want her to be missing out on milk. She nurses about 3-4 times during the night, and usually 2-3 times before bed when I pick her up after work. I know that sometimes milk supply decreases around this age too, and I really don’t want to wean yet.

Any other mamas going through this? I’m so worried she’s not getting enough, any suggestions on boosting supply or has anyone’s supply gone back to normal after the 8/9 month drop?? Thanks in advance!!