Smoking while breastfeeding

My baby has eczema here and there but it has never been this bad the skin on his face is dry and flaky and texture is very bumpy and hard and it very red all over and it wasn't until around the time I was away from him last weekend I had smoked weed for th first time n I made the mistake of not researching anything about it and breastfeeding I breastfed my baby the very next day and continued on during the week I started thinking her eczema was getting bad from the dairy I was eating but today I finally came to realize after searching it up n finding out that the weed actually stays in your system for days !!! Smh has this happend to anyone else's baby or been through this before ? Nothing is helping i put vasaline aveeno hydrocortisone etc I think I'm just going to put him on formula now bc I don't know how long this weed will be or still is in my system