I’m on strike at home

So my husband has a son from a previous. He’s 10 I have a child of my own from a previous. Well I always clean being a SAHM and we got in an argument and he told me his son isn’t my business. Well I would always clean his sons room while he wasn’t here because he never makes him do it. So I would do it to be nice. Never did I ever get a thank you. Well now that I’m told his son isn’t my business and only his mom and his business I quit cleaning his room. I am not aloud to tell him what to do or have any say in anything in his life because he tells me my opinion is not valid and he doesn’t care.

So here is the thing. I make my child clean their room. I am done cleaning it. I’ll hang up both the kids clothes for them but will not pick up the food and the mess.

Well it’s been weeks I haven’t touched his sons room and it’s literally disgusting. Am I wrong for not cleaning it or should I just bite the bullet and clean it.?

Edit: I can’t even ask what he got him for Christmas because he tells me I’m jealous and it’s not my business when I’m genuinely just asking