Struggling to get ideas to feed baby. He won’t eat any pre made baby food.


My son is 14 months old and did used to eat everything but he’s getting fussier now. I’ve always made all his meals myself and freeze them in bulk. He eats chicken, beef, pork, mince, sausage etc with potatoes, veg and gravy. Baked potatoes with cheese, beans, tuna. He will eat fish with potato and veg. Basically he likes anything with potato.

The problem is he won’t eat baby pouches, jars etc. I don’t mean to feed him all the time but just occasionally if out. I’m finding it hard cause I’m working next 2 days and he won’t eat pouches which can be left out fridge and I obviously can’t pack his bag with food I make him to stay out fridge. He also likes his food warm which means wont eat baby food at room temperature.

I’ve started packing him sandwiches, cheese, peas and sweet corn and a custard for lunch when I’m working but he doesn’t eat enough finger foods I feel.

He doesn’t seem to be keen on fruit but loves peas and sweet corn.

I’m looking for ideas what I can feed him when we are out of the house for lunch and dinner.