Student Nurse Advice.

I don’t know what my instructor is talking about. I should ask her, but I know I round with my nurse all the time. I don’t know what to ask physicians when they are in the room either when my patients are stable. Help! I make sure I assess and report any abnormal findings and patients pain to my primary nurse. Last week, when passing medication, there was a patient specific med not in their bin, so I communicated with pharmacy so the patient could have it. I also let my nurse know...

What more does my instructor want? I get my tasks done, and help out.

How can I be more assertive as a student nurse? Can anyone give me tips on what I can do to be more dominate?

I think it was because I wrote in my journal that I am introvert, but explained myself, but she uses it against me. I graduate this December. I already have a job offer although it may not be Med-Surg related. I will still have a job as an RN waiting for me. But she makes me feel like I’m not competent and it makes me furious.