What would you do?


So me and my brother get along great. But he makes dumb decisions. I’m having a baby in next month and don’t have room for anyone I our house right now and frankly just don’t want anyone living with me. My brother bought a new car.... 30k after interests. It’s a two seater car... and now he can’t afford his rent or anything and he’s having to sell all his stuff.. he seems to think he can come stay with me and my boyfriend for “free”. I’m not too happy about it and don’t want to turn him away but I feel like I have to . He plays video games all night and is LOUD even when he comes to just visit, he also tries to tell me how to parent my son all the time 🙄🖕🏻 I’m just annoyed that he had a perfectly fine car and decided to buy a brand new car that’s only a two seater for 30k!? But now can’t afford to pay rent or any of his other bills because his roommate moved out. I feel bad but at the same time like I just don’t want to deal with that. me and my boyfriend worked Hard for everything we have and I hate when that he wants to ride on our success and not actually work for things. My boyfriend works two jobs and we’ve had to sell things to get what we want and it’s paid off and it seems like my brother just doesn’t want to deal with that. Like he could easily get a second job but chooses not to. Am I wrong if I lie and tell him our landlord isn’t allowing anyone to stay with us and we could get evicted?