Reflux is terrible 😭

Amanda •

My LO has had reflux since birth. He is EBF and the first symptom was that he would sound like he was choking in his sleep which would wake him up and make it impossible for me to settle him back down. The next sign was that he started spitting up more and more to the point where now, at 6wks old, he spits up for up to 3 hours after a feeding. He also got extremely fussy at about 3weeks old and kicks and screams endlessly unless he is sitting up right and being bounced (it takes about an hour and a half to settle him enough to sleep). The most recent symptom is that he pulls away and screams while feeding - breast or bottle, doesn't make a difference.

The worst part is, I've asked the Dr for help and she keeps telling me it's normal and will go away and I shouldn't be concerned unless he stops gaining weight. I spend hours a day trying to settle my poor little guy and he's clearly in so much pain. I feel like a terrible mother for not being able to make him feel better. I've tried gripe water and OTC meds but neither really helps.

Anyone else going through this? Anyone have any suggestions?