Was I wrong for getting birth control?


So I turned 18 about two weeks ago. My boyfriend I have been having sex for almost two months. So we were talking about birth control options before we even had sex. I was thinking primarily iud but decided to get the nexplanon because it was better because of my age. We had sex once then I got the implant. I didn’t want to worry if the condom would break or just be paranoid in general every time I had sex with my man. I wanted to enjoy it rather than be scared. Everyone I told I got the implant tried to make me feel bad for my decision. Not that I shouldn’t be having sex but that I shouldn’t have got birth control so early. That I should’ve just used condoms. But what they don’t understand was that my mom had when she was a teenager just like the rest of my family. I’m not making the same mistake they have. So my boyfriend and I decided to be responsible and safe. Another benefit is we don’t use condoms since we both got tested and don’t have stds. Was I wrong for getting birth control at 17 or am I being responsible and safe??