If a person doesn’t follow doctors orders do you feel bad about their pain?


I didn’t really know how to word that question. But a little background...

My husbands tooth hurt really bad. He waited TWO MONTHS to make a dentist appointment. So he finally goes to the dentist and his tooth is infected. He needs to go see an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon can’t see him for a month. In the mean time they gave him antibiotics to get rid of the infection. He refused to take them. So now he’s in a ton of pain and complaining like crazy. But I’m having a hard time being sympathetic because he thinks he knows better than the dentist or something and wouldn’t take the medicine! Now I feel bad that I don’t feel bad but like gosh he’s constantly complain and he won’t eat meals or anything with me cause his face hurts so bad!

Do you feel bad for people who are in pain but won’t follow the doctors orders?