Let the roller coaster begin!


I went back to my fertility doctor this morning for another baseline ultrasound. Last month’s ultrasound revealed a large (almost 1 1/2”) cyst on my right ovary and I was started on birth control to try and regulate my hormones and shrink the cyst. Today’s baseline revealed that the birth control worked and there are NO cysts! I started clomid today and will be on it for five days. OPKs Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, and another ultrasound on Friday the 22nd and an HCG shot if necessary. I will also be starting on progesterone vaginal suppositories soon, too. After last month’s major disappointment, I started crying tears of joy when the ultrasound was clear, and could hardly contain myself out the door after getting our instructions. I am over the moon excited for what is on the horizon for us! I know this is just another step on the journey for us, but it is a step in the right direction!