Guilty for being pregnant


I know multiple women in my life who have gone through miscarriages and I feel awful for still being pregnant- I am so so worried that I am making people at work livid with anger because they have lost their babies- I just wish I could hide for the next couple of months.. I’m avoiding talking about my pregnancy and only speak about it to my husband or when I can’t see anyone else around. I just feel that it is so so unfair that so far, my baby is ok, I just really hope I’m not ‘rubbing’ anyone’s face in it- as I’ve read a lot of women on here feel that thier colleges are doing that to them. Lik I said, I want to hide but I can’t- any tips for handling this as sensitively as possible? Obvious t o know how triggering social media can be so I’m not announcing it at all and not tells anyone I know that has had a miscarriage- but what about women that I don’t know? How do I apologise if I find out later???