How long did you try acupuncture before you conceived? And did you take any herbs or try anything while going for acupuncture?

We've been ttc for 2 &1/2 yrs. I've done 1 round clomid and 2 rounds of letrozole

Started acupuncture Nov 17th, once a week. AF was suppose to arrive Thursday Dec 7th but did not come until today on CD 35. So 5 days passed do. My cycle is usually 28-30 days. But with trying different meds and prenatal vitamins my has been all over but no more than 33 days. I'm sure the acupuncture played a roll with the late AF. I'm sure my body was adjusting.

I want to stick with acupuncture for a few months at least. My next step with doctors is IUI.

I've thought about trying Pre-seed as well. Thoughts?