Crazy mother in laws


So my mother is legit crazy. I have been with her son for 15 years. And after 15 years I’m finally done with her ass. She’s always been manipulative but I never let her bother me. When I had my first daughter she became extra crazy she came over all the time without letting me know and then she would sit and take my daughter away from me for hours, to the point that my child was crying because she had to nurse. Fast forward to my second child 9 years later and she tries doing the same thing over again. I set boundaries this time around because I knew how crazy she could get. She’s the type of lady that needs attention and drama in her life. She’s nice until you don’t follow what she wants. Fast forward to 15 years later my husband and I get married through church and she didn’t show to dress rehearsal and I knew it was going to be bad. It was my wedding and she was upset because I didn’t let her be maid of honor. Yes my maid of honor. She is fucking nuts her place was to walk her son down the aisle. Well she wanted the step dad to walk him as well, my husband didn’t want him too because they have never really gotten along. Step dad is offended that he couldn’t walk my husband down the aisle and leaves. My mother in law and her family are making faces and talking under their breath through out the ceremony. After the ceremony they all leave family included a d don’t show up to the reception. I was glad but I was Also upset because I can’t imagine not being there for my son on his wedding. She made it about her instead of us. Mind you she didn’t contribute even a dollar but wanted say over everything. I’m sad for my husband because he loves her but I choose to remove myself from her and her toxic ways. She will never admit she’s wrong or apologize and at this point I’m just fed up. I’m pregnant with my third and I want her as far away from as possible. If she truly loved her son and grandchildren she would be there for them without the drama. Do you have any crazy mother in laws or am I the only one?