Tutor advice?


Im a tutor, and im a junior in highschool and im tutoring a 5th grader. Shes smart and she knows what shes doing, but she doesnt want to do it. She was talking to me and she told me she thought i was gonna give up on her because her previous tutors did, and i feel like shes very discouraged. Like she doesnt want to try anymore bc everyone gave up on her and she keeps failing anyways. So i told her if she got an 85 or higher i’d buy her anything she wanted from the coffee shop at our school. She seems pretty happy about that but all throughout the tutoring session she kept getting distracted and i couldnt get her to want to do it. I tried making it fun so she would like it, but honestly i dont blame her. How would i try to get her to want to do it? (The topic is math, btw)