37 weeks + 3 days FTM high blood pressure??

Ok its been 3 weeks ive been getting high blood pressure at my OBGYNS office. The first time they just left it. The second time send me to L&D; but it went down. I went in today & it was pretty high again and couldnt bring it down they send me to l&D; & it was still pretty high. My cervix is still closed. I get head ache sometimes & see spots. They tested for preeclampsia but it came back negative. They also told me i was contracting 6-7 mintues apart lasting only 1 mintue! But they ended up sending me home?? At this point i dont know what to do or think if my baby is safe since my blood pressure gets high & they send me home. Some of then were 141/112 , 120/81, 131/98, 134/98, 140/94 ?? Any ideas or what i can do??