My Opinion on Something

When I was a young, rebellious, severely hormonal teen I used to want to dye my hair. Thankfully I never went through with it. I fully approve of people who dye their hair. This is just my story.

Ever since I was seven, every two years I’d cut my hair (roughly 11 inches cut off!) and donate it to make wigs for children with cancer. I never stopped, but I often wondered if I could ever stop without seeming selfish. I wanted to dye my hair, but then I couldn’t donate, and it would take a while to grow out the dye.

I said no, and live with my natural hair, but I was considering getting colored extensions instead. This may sound weird but it’s said that pregnant woman get an epiphany-that they’re caring for two bodies now and both deserve appropriate care. Honestly that’s how I feel-my hair will go to someone else eventually and I should take care of it. My hairs super thick and I go to extreme lengths to find good products to keep it healthy.

Two years ago, I recently met a cancer patient, a nine year old girl. After extensive research (since I was suspicious that the hair in her wig was mine) I confirmed it was indeed my donated hair and I started crying right in the middle of the hospital. That girl is now one of my best friends and has grown out her hair to not need the wig, but seeing her smile has made everything worth it, and I’m proud to donate my hair for others.

(this is after one year of growing, it’s kind of hard to see but this is my current natural hair)