His he cheating?

Am 10 days late and went to the store with my husband to get clearblue this evening, getting home and both on the bed I remembered I need to get some Christmas gift for a friend kids so I wanted to use his Amazon account cos he paid for prime meanwhile yesterday I saw some condom on his search history on amazon I asked him what his buying condoms for cos we don’t use it he said he did not buy condoms that was old search history and that why will he buy condom when we don’t use it. On placing my orders I went to his order history I found that he ordered 24 counts and lube which was delivered today when I was at work. I can’t find them. He asked me the result of my test told him I haven’t taken it till morning, I asked him where is the condom he bought he did not answer me pretending to be asleep. Need some advice. Am praying the test tomorrow comes negative.

UPDATE: just took the test and it came out positive. But I feel cramps as if my period is about to start.