I’m confused

Alright I’m going into full detail so sorry if it’s TMI

the other night I went out with a guy I met on tinder. We went to his house to cuddle and watch movies. In all honesty I wasn’t really planning to do much of anything as I was only talking to him for a short while and it was our first time meeting.

We started kissing, which led to making out, which led to fooling around in his bed. Then he asks if I wanna have sex. I told him I’m preserving my vagina for a special guy. He was surprised but respected it.

Then after some more kissing, he gets a condom, saying maybe I’ll change my mind. He starts pushing agasint me, which I think maybe he wants anal which thats what I do. But then I realize he’s trying for my pussy. I back away and he understands I’m saying no. I explain I didn’t move because I thought he was trying for my ass. He then asks do I wanna try anal then. I said not really because I want to get to know him. Next thing I know he’s pushing agasint me to a point he’s trying to get in anally. I just don’t move and he eventually gets in. We end up having anal sex but didn’t finish because I needed to get home.

Here’s where I’m all confused as to me it seems pretty consensual as I moved positions with him and I was willing-ish. But one of my friends think it’s rape because I said no and he did it anyway. Just hearing the word upsets me. I just want all your opinions.