Why can’t I give my man good head

Ok so our sex life is boring I tell him I shouldn’t have to give u head alll the time he’s like well it has to get hard.. I mean cmon there’s other ways to get hard but I think I’m just tired of giving head.. last night he tells me ur head game puts a bad man on women lol I found it funny then I go forgot it then he’s like u should of gave up a long time ago.. so we didn’t have sex or anything .. and we’re trying for a baby of course but at this point idc anymore,. I don’t care for sex and I don’t care to go to the doctors anymore


Ok so last night he woke me up at 1am and expected me to give him head meanwhile I was knocked out and we both wake up at 5am to go to work well I wake up and get our daughter ready for school but anyway. I tell him like wtf u can’t wake me up at 1am and want head like shit doesn’t work that way if he would want sex sure I tell him just put it in that’s fine but he got pissed talking a bunch of shit after all the shit he talked he plays with my pussy gets me wet but still I’m sorry I can’t give head when I’m half asleep whatever we have sex but AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESNT GIVE HEAD AT 1am?