amniotic fluid-updated


So i woke up a few minis ago feeling wet. Went to the bathroom and when i wiped i noticed it was a pinkish/brownish color(picture of it below) ,odorless. Im in no pain n i feel the baby moving (its what woke me up). but the fluid is suppose to be clear and odorless. Im high risk because of GD and a FTM 36weeks 4days. so im wondering what this could be?

For now,I've laid back down n i have an appointment today in labor and deliver in a few hours to under go a NST. So im going to let them know but until then im still wondering what this could be


spent 6 1/2 hrs in L&D; to only be 2cm. During that time they where watching me for any signs of labor. i went to sono, gave me an IV, took my blood sugar levels twice any ended up sending me home. they did say to stay off my feet for 24hrs n come back in on Friday for another NST/BPP as well