Small Victories: A Story in GIFs

Amber • Spicy Pisces

I have PCOS so I haven’t ovulated in FOREVER

Hubs and I have been TTC since February, but really really trying hard since July.

I started Provera to clear my system, but was still really disappointed and sad with every negative ovulation test and pregnancy test. Plus, the hormones made me INSANE, just super ragey and sad all the time.

So I finished my last round of the Provera, not thinking much of it, and the 13th is supposed to be my peak ovulation time but I was sort of like eh who cares I’m not ovulating anyway

BUT yesterday, for the first time in YEARS I had egg white CM. Like, sorry to be TMI, but that shit was clear and stretchy AF! I was freaking out, just so happy for a sign that things are maybe getting back on track in my body.

Needless to say, DH and I did the dance of babies last night. And even if it doesn’t result in a December positive, at least it’s (hopefully) a sign of progress!

Fingers crossed though and baby dust to us all!