No Christmas miracle

AF showed this morning after being a week late. I had really hoped and prayed this would be it. like what an amazing gift that would be. After nearly 2 years of ttc I've decided I have to just give up on my dream. This rollercoaster ride of emotions is just too much for me to handle anymore. My cycles used to come like clock work every 28 days now there is no rhyme or reason. Even once being a whole month and half late and having two in one month. All I can conclude is that maybe I'm starting early menopause. Not sure all I know is I'm tired of having my heartbroken each month. So, my resolution is to give up on this dream and stop breaking my own heart. Instead just focus on the dream that did come true. I have done what I never thought to be possible and found the love of my life after an unimaginably bad abusive marriage. So, although the tears flow now I have to remind myself that I'm blessed to be alive today and even more so that I get to spend everyday with my best friend. So, time to say goodbye to this site!! Good luck& well wishes to all you other ladies ttc