What would u do


What do u do when the one thing that u know would make u happy, the one thing that would make u feel content n complete, the one thing that would overjoy u, is the one thing that u will never get. What do u do? Continue with the happier times, tho they arent complete happiness? Just go about ur days, even tho u know that the end game isnt what u want? Keep pushing, knowing that ur heart is goin to b ripped out? Everyday i see my happiness, see it walk by, see it smile, i get hugs n kisses, i see my happiness n i smile...knowing n the back of my head, my happiness will prob never b MY happiness. I cant stop, i want it so bad..thinking about it takes my breath away, i have tried to imagine him not being my happiness, it doesnt work..all i want to do is tell ppl that he is my happy place, they all assume anyways, but it isnt true...i have to correct ppl n everytime i do, it breaks my heart