matistis help


This is for anyone looking for some information about breast tenderness while nursing.

So I never felt a blocked duct, I never had pain nursing. I literally woke up in the middle of the night feeling like some MMA fighter punched my left boob. It felt so bruised and sore to the touch but thankfully I could still nurse without pain (nipple or let down)

I had no fever but I seriously felt the next morning like I had the worst possible case of the flu or Pneumonia. My legs were so sore my neck I literally was shivering so cold. I went to the dr anyway because I later noticed red lines on my breast even though I didn’t seem to have all the signs of a blocked or inflamed duct. I was prescribed antibiotics and I’m relieved I went. This is what my breast looks like right now (sorry I’m in the bath)

WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE ALL THESE SIDE EFFECTS. I hope I help someone who isn’t sure as well.